Basic Summer Camp Checklist - Heritage, PA

            1.         Scout Handbook (with Name in book) - in zip lock bag!

            2.         Sleeping bag - outdoor type & Pillow (pad is not necessary at Heritage)

            3.         Rain Poncho - or - Rain Jacket

            4.         Flashlight, (extra batteries and bulb too) - “AA” Penlight type is all you need!

            5.         Socks & Underwear - 4 each & packed in Ziploc bags

            6.         Boots-especially if rainy weather, if not, sneakers OK

            7.         Jeans & shirt - and - 4 shorts & T-shirt sets

            8.         Sweater &/or jacket or windbreaker (w/ hood is good)

            9.         Bathing suit

            10.       Clothes pins (4~6 for drying clothes & equipment - hinged type are better)

            11.       Back Pack - or - Gym/duffle type bag is Better, particularly with a strap or type you can wear like a back pack (easier to fit in tent than back pack).

             12.       Toiletries - motel/sample sizes of soap (Ivory or Camp Suds), toothpaste, floss, depleted roll of toilet paper, comb, & toothbrush. Separate into zip lock bags.

            13.       Cup/bowl, and utensil set - MARK WITH NAME - use at camp site only

            14.       Small towel - in Ziploc bag

            15.       Bath/beach towel

            16.       Water socks or sandals

            17.       Insect repellant (no aerosols and get back woods type with deet content)

            18.       Medications (advise scout leader!)

            19.       Canteen is optional (wide mouth Nalgene type water bottle is better - put name on it)

            20.       Personal First Aid Kit: a few each of assorted size band aids, first aid cream/topical disinfectant, calamine lotion, ace bandage & threaded needle stuck in it like a pin cushion, tweezers, sterile gauze (roll or pads) & first aid tape (all in zip lock)

            21.       Compass - scout or silva type - put lanyard on it! (not compact or military type)

            22.       Garbage bags - two each: tear resistant kitchen and leaf size

            23.       50' length of nylon braided rope 5/16" to 3/8"

            24.       Sun block and Chapstick

            25.       Lightweight rain activity equip - deck of cards, book, game, etc.- (no electronic games).

            26.       Hat & long sleeve light shirt - to block sun

            27.       Spending money for trading post (optional)

            28.       Knives/axes prohibited until scout has his "Totin Chip" card (Scoutmaster can hold if not)

            29.       Class “A’s” to be worn on trip to & from camp & for meals in dinning hall & PLASTIC HANGER to hang up uniform when not being worn!

            30.       Bag Lunch for trip to camp and/or money for McDonalds on way to and from Camp

            31.       Combo sponge & scrubby pad for Personal mess kit - in zip lock baggie

            32.       Matches in water proof container & fire starters

            33.       Pencil and small writing pad

            34.       Any Merit Badge Books, materials & completed requirements for MB working on

            35.       Garden Kneeling Pad (w/ name on it) is great for canoeing

            36.       No Electronic equipment nor personal candy/food allowed!!!